Sanicompact: cisternless ceramic WC with built-in macerator - for a loo and washbasin in any home improvement. Cisternless ceramic WC with built-in macerator pump Sanicompact is operated by an electronic programme which has 2 functions: by a push of the button a 25 second cycle is set in motion. The Sanicompact macerates the WC waste and pumps it away to the drain. It will also pump away the waste water from a washbasin. In this case, the motor activates automatically when the water enters. N.B. Sanicompact requiresa minimum of 1.7 Bar water supply pressure. SANICOMPACT 43 TAKES WASTE FROM: • A single WC • Washbasin


Motor: induction motor ( no carbon brushes or gears to wear out ). Watts (Consumption): 800w Motor RPM 2800 RPM Electrical Supply: 220-240V 50Hz Flow rate at max head l/min: 46 Horizontal Discharge: 30 metres Vertical Discharge: 3 metres Discharge Pipe Diameter: 32mm Materials: polypropylene, C.R.P., stainless steel, neoprene, ceramics. Water consumption: 5 litres/cycle Normal Running Time WC: 30 secs

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