Volumetric dosing pumps

BRAVADOS is a volumetric dosing pump for the proportional dosing of AQUASIL 20/40 in the drinkable water to avoid possible scaling and corrosion of the hydraulic circuits. According to latest safety regulations, metering of antiscalant and anti corrosive for the treatment should be proportional to water flow in any operation condition, with metered quantity not higher than the concentration of 5 ppm as P205 per litre of treated water. BRAVADOS is for dosing liquids only. Pumping is driven by an electronic circuit which ensure a precise proportional metering. Dosing functioning is obtained through the sensor "HALL TYPE EFFECT" reading the water flow transmitted to the circuit which effects a statistic of the water flow and drives the pumping frequency. BRAVADOS starts dosing operation from a minimum drawing of 90 l/h with injection frequency every 0.3 lts, by means of an injection valve, which establishes the instant mixing of AQUASIL 20/40 into the water.