Submersible pumps used for draining wells, garages, cellars or places subject to flooding, garden irrigation and handling of water not containing solids. Technological development and mechanics have been optimised, with mechanical seals as standard. New and revised design. Come with 5 m length of H05RN-F power cord for internal use (10 m for external use), with or without float.


• Maximum immersion: 5 m • Maximum liquid temperature:50°C • Maximum solid size: 10 mm


• External casing, filter, casing cover and pump casing in stainless steel AISI 304 • Impeller and motor cover in PPE + PS Glass fiber reinforced • Shaft in stainless steel AISI 303 • Mechanical seal as standard (Carbon/Ceramic/NBR) • Version with small volume magnetic float switch MS (vertical position) for clean water (please contact our sales network for any additional information) • Minimum suction system to suck up liquids up to 3mm at round level

Models and prices

Model Voltage (V) Power (kW) Capacity (m3/h) Total head (m) Price* В количката
Optima MA  220  0.25  7.6  320 BGN 
Optima MS  220  0.25  7.6  464 BGN 

* цените са с ДДС.


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