Pumps Multigo

Particularly reliable vertical multistage motor-driven centrifugal pumps featuring particularly silent running. Fitted with motor cooled by the flow of water being handled and double mechanical seal with a chamber between them containing the lubricating liquid, assuring long life. Suitable for pressure boosting in domestic, community, hospital etc. water supply systems, handling liquids in places subject to flooding, supplying fountains and dancing water features and for sprinkler irrigation of small vegetable patches and gandens. Comes with 5 m length of H07 RN-F power cord.


• Maximum working pressure: 10 bar • Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C


• Pump body, casing cover and motor casing in AISI 304 • Impeller and diffuser in tecnopolymer • Shaft in AISI 416 • Mechanical seal in carbon/ceramic/NBR



Ebara Pumps Europe S.p.A


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