Pumps CU-CMS

This range of pumps with progressive size includes the single-stage pumps with low, medium, high delivery head, series CU, and the two-stage pumps for high pressures, series CMS. By means of cardan shaft they are coupled to the power takeoff of the tractors normalized at 540 or 1000 rpm, while the lower part of the overgear-box, suitably shaped, is used as an anchor base for the pump itself. They are mounted on a two-wheeled tubular trailer or on a base with a three-point coupling. The wide range of speed ratios makes it possible to obtain specific couplings on any type of tractor or thermic motor equipped with a slow power takeoff, only. Besides beingused for all types of irrigation services, these pumps are suitable for lifting water by different motive powers, such as fire fighting tank trucks or tankers for drinking water supplies. A well-tried water circulation cooling system keeps the overgear at the right operating temperature, also in continuous working conditions and with very high ambient temperatures.


Максимален дебит: 540 m3/h

Максимален напор: 170 m

Models and prices

Model Flow rate (m3/h) Pressure (bar) Power (HP) Revolution (rpm) Price* Добави
CU100-FF  144  2.8  20  540   

* цените са с ДДС.