The compact size, the low weight, the simplicity in the manufacture and in the setting in motion, give to these little pumps, which can be mounted on tractors, those characteristics of working reliability and use versatility typical of the first rate product. They have been especially designed for decanting, lifting and little irrigation services, however, the use of the mechanical seal on the pinion shaft together with other manufacture measures has allowed their use even in fertilisation by irrigation. From a technical point of view, these pumps are equipped with a two gears speed multiplier with helical heat-treated steel teeth and with oil lubrificating system. The melting parts are manufactured with mechanical fine grain cast iron. The noozles of the pumps are fitted with Ø1”1/2 x 1”1/2 threaded counterflange and, on demand, with Ø50 PVC elbow stem for sucking and Ø50 elbow for delivery, and with foot valve with elbow joint.

Models and prices

Model Flow-rate (m3/h) Pressure (bar) Power (HP) Revolution (rpm) Price* Добави
LLFT/A 52  30  4.7  540   

* цените са с ДДС.


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