GP pressure booster sets are small automatic systems with 2 or more pumps in parallel, designed and built to meet the most common requirements in terms of water pressure maintenance in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural installations in a straighforward, reliable manner.

GP units are supplied ready for connection to diaphragm and air-cushion pressure vessels and those with an air feed. The pumps belonging to the individual unit are started by the activation of suitably set pressure switches by means of a control panel. In units controlled with a control panel equipped with an inverter, in addition to pressure switches, one of the pumps is started by setting a pressure transducer.


GP units employ the following series of pumps: 1) Small and medium capacity horizontal end-suction centrifugal models • multistage with threaded parts Compact series • single/dual-impeller with all stainless steel hydraulic parts, CDX-2CDX series • single/dual impeller with traditional hydraulic parts, CMA-CMB-CDA series 2) Vertical multistage centrifugal models • water jacket cooled end-suction Multigo series • with standardized motor and coupling, all stainless steel hydraulic parts • with standardized motor and coupling, stainless steel hydraulic parts, except lower casing and seal plate in cast iron 3) Horizontal end-suction centrifugal models standardized to EN 733 (former DIN 24255) • with all stainless steel hydraulic parts, 3M series • with traditional hydraulic parts, MD/MMD series There are two standard versions: • 2GP units with two identical single-phase or three-phase pumps; • 3GP units with three identical three-phase pumps. For the GP EVM series, units with up to four pumps can be provided on request.



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